Southside Dog School is located in the D.H.Blackburn Pavilion in Cheltenham Park, Park Road, Cheltenham.

Enter via Park Road and follow the roadway to the carpark and clubroom.

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    Our new Clubrooms were officially opened by the Mayor of Bayside City Council today.

    Now known as the Cheltenham Park Reserve Pavilion, the building is our new home. Please drop by and check out the great facilities.

    SORRY, but no dogs are allowed inside, unfortunately.

  • 21 Jun    We have a new phone number

    We have had some phone woes, but everything is now fixed.

    Our new number is 0480 132 512

  • 22 Jun    Newsletter

    Our latest Newsletter went out today via email. It looks great! Please let us know if you have not received yours.

  • 15 Aug    Bonus Classes

    So far this year we’ve had one Introduction to K9 Nose Work® course, with another just commenced.
    A guest speaker will enlighten us about loose leash walking and use of equipment in August.
    We have an Agility Foundation course starting in September.
    Janet will be giving us a grooming talk in October
    More to come!


  • 4 Sep    Agility Foundation Class

    Agility Foundation Class with Sandy, commences. Continues over the following three Thursday. Speak to Sandy for more information

  • 6 Oct    Grooming Tips With Janet - BONUS CLASS

    Did you know that our Instructor, Janet, is also a groomer?

    She will be giving a brief grooming presentation and demonstration. Then she will be available to answer all of your grooming related questions

  • 13 Oct    Instructors' Meeting

    All SDS Instructors to meet following classes today

  • 20 Oct    Committee meeting

    SDS Committee meeting


    All are welcome, and are encouraged to attend. While you are at it, why not consider joining our Committee? We would LOVE some more members to assist with the work we do. If you are interested, please have a chat to any of our Committee members.

  • 27 Oct    FUN DAY

    Celebrate our Birthday, have some FUN!

  • 17 Nov    Instructors' Meeting

    All SDS Instructors to meet following classes today

  • 24 Nov    Committee meeting

    SDS Committee meeting

  • 15 Dec    Classes finish for 2019

    The last class for 2019 will be on 15th December but we’ll be back again in 2020 on Thursday 30th January.