Southside Dog School is located at the Cheltenham Park Reserve Pavilion, Park Road, Cheltenham.

Enter via Park Road and follow the roadway to the carpark and clubroom.

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Southside Dog School


All of our classes are run by our team of enthusiastic and qualified Instructors who share over 75 years of combined experience in positive reward based training.

All classes are run on Thursday and Sunday mornings, rain or shine, throughout the year (except for a short break between mid December and January).

The only exception will be an extreme heat day. If the forecast the night before a scheduled class is 33 degrees or hotter, classes will be cancelled.

9am - 9:30am

Following the successful completion of these two classes, members advance to the next series of classes which begin at the later time of 9.45 a.m.

Class A - Clicker Class

Everyone starts in Clicker Class, which is an introductory class teaching a fabulous way to communicate with your dog.

This usually takes two lessons.

Class B – Socialisation and Puppy Class

After completing Clicker Class, your dog will graduate to either Socialisiation, Puppy or depending on how well you have done your homework, Class 1.

Socialisation Class is an important introduction to dog school where the aim is to have you and your dog paying attention to each other. It’s also the class where your dog learns to be calm around other dogs and handlers.

“If I am stressed, I can’t think - if I can’t think, I can’t learn”. This applies equally to dogs and handlers.

Graduation from this class requires dog and handler to be relaxed and paying attention to each other. This usually takes several lessons and lots of practice at home.

Puppy Class, which is for dogs under six months of age, covers the same principles as the Socialisation Class but in addition covers all those particular puppy training challenges such as house soiling, mouthing and chewing to name a few!

9:45am - 10:30am

After the successful completion of classes A and B, the following classes are offered and commence at 9.45. These run for approximately 45 minutes.

Class 1 - Red

In this class we build on calm behaviour around other dogs. We also build on some basic exercises such as sit, stand, drop, stay, come, and walk on a loose lead. You will learn how to teach basic behaviours and improve your understanding of the clicker or “yes” marker word.

Class 2 – Blue

The exercises and skills learnt in Class 1 will be further developed by the degree of distraction and duration. Generalising to different situations will also be introduced in this class. The importance of the “release” word will be reinforced.

Class 3 - Yellow

In this class, we will refine all the exercises learnt in Class 1 and Class 2 and the aim is to complete all exercises without luring. The specific goal of Class 3 is to achieve the Southside Dog School “Tailwagger Certificate”.

Class 4 - Green

These classes are open ended, providing a variety of experiences in dog sports, formal obedience, tricks, etc. For some, it becomes a regular social outing for dogs and their handlers.